Subject: Pyramath, Fractazmic, and Prime Bomb Thanks You!

We want to thank you for being part of this free give-away. We created these games with a true belief that all children can learn and be successful in math with the right tools. We have seen the success and joy of learning that a simple game can bring, including our own children who were the inspiration for the games.

Here is what we are asking of you - most important, open up the deck, learn the game, and play with your children and students! These games work best when you are personally involved in the learning with them. Second, let us know what you think, feel free to email us, ask question - we are not some big aloof company; we are a couple of college teachers trying to make a difference. Also - help us get the word out, anyway that you can or feel comfortable. Post to Facebook, or blogs, or tweets. Tell your friends that might have children struggling in math. Like us on our Facebook page (we don't post that much - but it is always good stuff) or if you are not on Facebook, you can subscribe to our email list (we send out about 1 mail every couple of months - but again always good stuff). All that contact stuff is at the end of this email.

We also want to have something that you can use and tell your friends. If you purchase any products at you can use the promo code mathisfun for 50% off anything up until April 7. You can give this code to as many people that you want.

Finally, if you have friends or folks that are unemployed or cannot afford the cards due to a limited budget - have them contact us. We will make sure that they can get these games for their children. We don't want anyone unable to provide these excellent learning games to their children because of cost. Good games make for good learning and every child deserves a chance at that.

Thanks for your interest, help, and support.
Linda & Ron Eaglin